Monday, 9 April 2012

ever in need of ganesha

one of the most important things to meditate on is a question:
what is my purpose right now? what is the core of what i need
to be doing? it can be anything. and once that light has gone on.
you know where to put your eyes... you begin to visualize it...
it is you becoming. your work of power. it takes time and work..
knowing your exact purpose for *now* can help you with something:

once you know your purpose, you can finally understand why certain
blockages are in your life. they will always be in direct opposition
to what you are trying to achieve. now you know why they are there!
they are the mayan wind. the force to push against. you have defined
your goal and therefore can more easily recognize what the obstacles
are doing there! they are helping you by giving you trouble, something
to overcome or to work against. they have to be there to push against,
to overcome and to complete the inner most desires of our hearts.
sometimes we think, "oh maybe i didnt want that anyway." and give up.
♥ but god bless my blockages. cause im going to knock them down. ♥


Valerianna said...


Anonymous said...

You can knock down any blocks in your path; I know you can!

stephanie dosen said...

ah sweet valerianna :) do you see a familiar spiral?
maybe a familiar luna moth wing? :)
thank you for those gifts!
as you can see they
are part of my day! ♥

and thank you nonny mouse! ♥

Valerianna said...

ahHA, now I see it... oh, that makes my heart sing to see little bits of my world living in yours, especially when its a spiral... I can see my little felted raven and tree hanging in the window. And, OH MY, does she need to be dusted of cobwebs, goodness me!!

Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

Fantasti post, wonderful sentiment and just what I need to hear right now......Off to knock down some blockages and make some amazing things......

withoutwordswouldyouknow? said...

yay for strength and wisdom!

your post is a blessing to read right now. today's lesson...or reminder.

she flies with her own wings..

Cait O'Connor said...

This is a good post to read first thing after I get out of bed, thank you.

Coby said...

I call my blockage a little gremlin, who I acknowledge, accept and thank for protecting me and then I tell it to move along, that I don't need it any more. Love to you Beautiful Sparkle

nina said...

thank you for that inspiring post!
I'm at a moment in my life where I have to make certain decisions and they will change my whole life.
thank you for letting me figure out (again), that I have to keep going! this is what I want and I will fight for it and stick to my dreams :)

love and hugs, nina

Jason2356 said...

Effortlessly...and without even thinking...traveling through the doorway of the breath...a whole new world...