Wednesday, 5 January 2011

we are searching for starwhales

shhhhh they like whispering ♥ and soft purring. but you must wait.

they will attend to each petal. but only one at a time. that is best.

too many and it all gets in a rush... we must protect our hearts from being too busy... that makes them rush... then they dont work as well. they need time to breathe in the cold air that comes off of the snow.

today i am taking time to do things slowly. like watch for starwhales.

from now we will only do these things one stitch at a time ♥


Valerianna said...

ooo, starwhales, I do so wonder where you are?

Marthaamay O_o said...

We are here, over here, not so very far..

Tales from the Dryad Forest said...

You are a wonder.

rossichka said...

I have to keep my heart from "being too busy" with troubles, problems and plans... So that there would be much more space for joy, love and wonders... Hello! Thank you for this calming post! Let your New Year be full of love, inspiration, quiet days and lovely music! And all the things you are dreaming of!

Eleni said...

Your blog always makes me want to slow down and whisper, one stitch at a time (stifling giggles along the way)!

PS: your cats are ace

spillyjane said...

That is a lovely agate!

The Curious Cat said...

I do love your little kitties...and this entry was nice...peaceful and took me out of the office for a little while! xxx

Josie said...

I think I must draw a starwhale now ;p

Anonymous said...

I get a little thrill every time you update! Tee hee. Please don't ever stop, or we will think you have been eaten by the bears. I love your blog!

faerie finder said...

oh thank you absolute lovelies!!!!
all of you said something sooo kind and touching :)
may a dozen starwhale wishes come true for all of you!

we moved into a new house recently
so my posts have become a little
tardy.... but i will never give up
posting little owls here :)

lots of love

Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, those little lambs watching over your wool are just too sweet! Once again, a beautiful post! xxxxxxxxxxxx

meredith said...

i just discovered your blog and it is amazing. such a beautiful and calming post!

Milady Productions said...

i too love those little lambies on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

Is the heart on the crystal made of labradorite? Is it fortified with unexpected shimmers and witchfire inside, like all good labradorite stones are?

My own heart will do summersaults if it is, I love them so.

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...

very wise

magical lambies

if only my snoopy-lamb would listen. he rushes about helter-skelter everywhere. whilst daisy moomin looks bemused

Anonymous said...

Oh this is lovely, beautiful. Such pretty photographs, and a gentle hush in the air. xxx

Lyndall said...

Your two white kitties are just lovely. My one little black and white kitty says hello~

I hope you all find many starwhales <3

faerie finder said...

thank you lambs! ♥
hi chronographia
yes it is labradorite :)

Pixie said...

I am in love love love with the little sheep that guard your wool, i shall be keeping an small eye out now for small sheep to watch over mine. Thank you for your beautiful inspiration.

Ajna Rogue said...

This reminded me of the book Behind the Attic Wall that I loved so much when I was younger <3

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Stephanie, faery finder, thanks for this post... the kids are all snuggled in with books after we arrived home barely safe, caught in a snow storm, when we should have been home looking for star whales. I am shaking. I love that your owl in the dark is here for I think the salt water wants to come down my cheeks right now instead of staying in the oceans where it belongs. I am worn a bit thin by the travel we just had and you give respite friend. Thanks and love to a faery girl with the changing hair. Love and kisses,and oops there they go over my cheeks (and husband is gone on business so I will go find a flaxen haired daughter or son to dry them, those sneaky salty things)from Amy from snowy Wisconsin. Thank-you.

Pauline said...

I so love your wee babies (pussy cats)so innocent looking (bet they aren't though)
Oh and can I please rummage through your wool stash PLEASE?????

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Well, feel much better after a good rest... thanks for the soft landing here to fill my head with white kittens etc. Off to get ready to teach, but, just thought I would thank-you again for comforting place here. Blessings dear one.

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...


i just came over to see what you and your sweet kitties are up to and as there is no new post yet i began to nose around and realised something.... this is where i saw 'dusty archives'! i thought i had dreampt it and wrote dusty archives on my blog archives and now i have remembered where it came from. i think i may have to change it, i don't want to be a copy cat. will have to think of something else. musty archives doesn't sound nice, cobwebby archives doesn't quite do it, i'll think of something (hopefully). well, it just goes further to prove what an inspiration you are ;o)

warmest hugs xxx


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Stephanie, I do believe it kindred girl! You know this lamb represents so much to me in terms of how I saw the world. Stay soft, think clean, bounce with joy like only a new lamb can... have you seen it? when a new lamb jumps just because? Joy, rapture to behold and never grow to old to snuggle. These little things define me and silly one that I am I swear it was this darling lamby that kept those feelings in my heart. I am so glad you are a child at heart, as well. I find your name so appropos friend, faerie finder. Glad to delight in your friendship, too! I am lucky. Soft blessings.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Lovely! The link worked from my sidebar here! technology... smile. Blessings, friend.

HeArt Collective said...

faery sweet
enchanting calm
sweet things
merry meet...
merry part...
merry meet, again

joanne May said...

I have just flown over here to give you some New Year blessings for 2011! ;-)
Your white cats are very beautiful and I love the Labradorite heart. It is a real fairy stone when it catches the light.
I thought of you when it snowed in the village. I saw a snowbird on a thatched roof!
Speak to you again soon. :-)

faerie finder said...

millie dearest~
we can share :D by all means!

thanks to everyone who stopped by to
share in lovely owlie vibes with me! :)
big swanny kisses to you all

artemis said...

i love your blog. just found it. your photos and cats are lovely! your knitting is simply amazing. are you on etsy or facebook?
all the best,

mckenzie. said...

you have a beautiful blog here. i'm astounded i've only just found it now.

followed! x

kathy b said...

Came to you from knitterant. LOVE your kitties. I have an all white with both blue eyes, named Radar. He is of course, genetically deaf.

I am having a charity knit drive. I am asking knitters to knit a small acrylic blanket and send it to me for our shelter's kitties. If you mail me one by 2/28 you are entered for some wonderful yarn by Moosemanor handpaints. I am at I can send you my snail mail if you wish to send a blanket. Thanks

Vanessa said...

This is the most beautiful, poetic and gloriously fanciful blog I have every read. You my dear are a gorgeous and rare soul.

Thalia said...

I definitely needed to read your blog again, especially about protecting my heart and not rushing about!

Thank you. :)

la said...

beautiful cats! :)