Wednesday, 9 June 2010

there are so many of us

i watched a show on bbc last night about a nomadic turkish family
raising goats on a mountain plateau. the women bake bread all day.

they have dreams. they have broken hearts. and they sometimes laugh.

there are so many of us here on earth... too many of us for anyone to know us all... and there is a little eye on each of us... there is a little eye on every thing... we all have cares and worries... and every worry matters the same... i am trying to remember that worries are just thoughts... they can be changed into bunnies.

there will always be a little bit of mud on your new shoes. freckles appear out of thin air. how will i observe them? i will change them into bunnies. mud can become bunnies with the blink of an eye.

there are so many of us... too many of us to count... we are stuffed into white buildings one on top of the other. we sit by the water or fire... and we wander in the woods... and we are woven into the fabric of everything living and everything that has ever lived... we are one big quilt... we are grounded... i am a square sewn to many other squares. today i will decorate my own quilt square with candles and incense. strawberries, lavender and wool. its the only thing i can do ♥
stay tiny & turn mud into bunnies.


stephanie dosen said...

ps. by tiny i do not mean physically :)

stephanie dosen said...

lamby is sleeping on my vintage quilt.
he gets excited because it is feather-stuffed.
it makes him act all hopped up.

the bias tape on my basket is a liberty fabric.
i just went to liberty in london for the first time
and my mind got blown right out my head ♥

Ϩtεℓℓα said...

awesome post!
i really love your photos ;)


yew tree nights said...

'... but there is a little eye on each of us. there is a little eye on everything. it is our own eye.'

sometimes other eyes too... it's too lonely otherwise! though i don't want to negate the next bit... all worries mattering just as much. but community, community is important, even as people seem to grow further and further apart.

stephanie dosen said...

ah yes! of course the BIG EYE.. is our own eye too... our own eye is every eye...
we just see a little part of it...
i didnt get to the point did i?
i think ill edit it.
yes editing is BRAVE ♥

Chelsea said...

I watched that, though found the woman they sent over from england to experiance their way of living unbareable. I think sometimes I would be very happy just to bake bread all day and have real worries vanish into thoughts of bunnies.

Jess said...

A lovely post! I saw that programme, the english girl did so well didn't she? The family were so sad when she had to leave. Those fabrics in your photos are so pretty.xx

Aline said...

very well said...has cheered me up thanks...Ali xx

stephanie dosen said...

that program really hit me!
when the mother said she had a broken heart and that "it hurts every day" (that her husband chose a 2nd wife) i really felt for her...
there she is on a dirt floor
making bread.
raising goats
sleeping 9 to a tent.
with a broken heart.

the look in her eyes when the english girl left was unbearable... she really loved her... she pinned so much hope on her... i think i cried for a half an hour when she left...

Yarrow said...

I don't know the program, but the sadness seeps into me from your words. In a crowded room you can feel lonely and alone on a mountain you can feel peace.

Hugs to you and the kitties :)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

A patchwork of life we all are. Of course in my world all things are bunnies. ;)
Hugs to you and the kitties too.

Unknown said...

i watched a documentary today, about a man who lived in the mountains and made moonshine. he was arrested (at the age of 70) and died in jail. i cried for a while. and then i made dinner.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have all the time back I have spent suffering from a broken heart. I wouldn't care if I had to spend that time raising goats and baking bread. At the end of their lives, women realize the time spent with other women and friends and their children is what counts most. Even if it is nine to a tent.

Kittyj said...

Another beautiful post and lovely comments... Thank you all.

Clare said...

i love this post, its so beautiful and touching. it resonates far far xx

Romeo said...

Dearest Lamby and Roo,

What an incredible site and incredible post! We get this, we really do! WOW - incredible thoughts of which we will have to spend the afternoon pondering! Thank you for sharing!

Romeo and "her"

Athena. said...

Lovely lovely lovely, always and in all ways.
They bake bread all day?
That thought comforts me, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful writer, and your blog and thoughts give great joy and inspiration when I stop by to read them..

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful dear stephanie and your words are so lovely too, the last part is so touching ' i am a square sewn to many other squares' oh, i love that so much <3

Lolly said...

sort of scarey and not scarey all at the same time. Love the glasses, by the way.

entrumnian said...

zut alors, des lunettes geeky :-)
I love the shots of your quilt.

I wish I could turn mud into bunnies..

stephanie dosen said...

ah! i forgot to show you my super-nerd glasses!!!!
i got them at topshop i couldnt resist
they are perfect because when i put
them on, no one can see me!
i love it. they are like harry's cloak.
you can turn mud into bunnies.
its all elements and stuff like that ♥

Anthropomorphica said...

I saw that too, the family were so warm-hearted and open.
I enjoyed your post and sit here with a smile on my lips, thank you.

Unknown said...

"worries are just thoughts... they can be changed into bunnies."
I love this line, I shall have to do my best to remember it ^^

Anonymous said...

I love your photos.
This post made me smile.


Ruthie Redden said...

i do so love the thought of us all, squares sewn to many others. when we were tiny our grandmother would wrap us up in her big beautiful multi coloured, patchwork blanket for comfort & we would fall off to sleep with the sound of her gentle voice singing in our ears. would that we could wrap this blanket of humanity about us, each & every one of us and all feel loved & blessed & safe. x beautiful post x

signoraaurora said...

Just fall in love with all your knitting patterns and tidy little beauties all over. (Unfortunatly I don't have yet the level skill to do them...)
To look around on your blog is like to take a visit in a fairy country.