Wednesday, 16 June 2010

then you can look at the stars & birds

we went to the mojo awards the other night. i got to see people from all kinds of exciting bands... i couldnt find one single piece of crap to wear so i settled on this. i wasnt up for any awards or anything so it didnt really matter what i wore anyway ♥

we got the demo for the new azure ray record and i have been listening nonstop. i want everyone in the world to buy it when it comes out. i am so glad they are back together. it is one of my happy thoughts. do people still buy records? i miss them. ruby misses them too.

the other day my horoscope (sometimes i say horrorscope and i think im funny but im sure other people say that too.. or they say relationshit instead of relationship. im not sure) anyway.. it said .. just roll with it sweetheart. (well i added the sweetheart part.. but i think i it sounds nice) .. it got me thinking..... you cant control this ship. its on an ocean far too large and with a mind of its own... settle down in that little boat and drop the oars sometimes... then you can look at the stars & birds ♥


Ϩtεℓℓα said...

lovely post as always ^^

haha relationshit sounds cool! never heard it :D

have a sweet day!


faerie finder said...

ps. i got my little jacket at an antique mall in denton tx. i wanted to say antique fair.. but the denton boys from midlake said "no. its a mall" they were at the awards and won "best live act" congratulations denton boys. you are forever in my ♥

Anthropomorphica said...

Hi, I hadn't heard your music before. What an beautiful voice you have!!

foxglove said...

Your jacket looks really lovely with your darker hair. Just roll with it is good advice. Hope you have a great solstice/time at stonehenge monday.

minna ♥ said...

you are right, of course you are. I miss records too, they were just more fun. The last part of this post is true and wonderful.

Bethany Heron said...

Oooooooh that's so exciting, you look gorgeous :) xxxxx

faerie finder said...

thank you lovely loveys! kiss kiss kiss
i used to spend hours looking at my record jackets
especially my joni mitchell and cocteau twins

yes thanks!!! looking forward to the sunrise at solstice at stonehenge!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxooxox

faerie finder said...

foxglove have a loverly day with the fairies!! ♥

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous.


Yarrow said...

You look great in anything, so don't worry hun :)
Those words are sage advice, we could all do with laying back and looking at the stars. Hugs to you.x

wildflowers said...

You look beautiful! I really love what you're wearing :)
And that artwork is amazing!!!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I love the artwork, and your outfit. We buy and play records. xx

Anonymous said...

this outfit is ever so lovely. how beautiful. x

Karolina said...

You always have such positive thoughts. And the outfit is great! I hope you had fun :)

mona said...

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joanne May said...

Hi Sweetie,
You look lovely in these photos. I was just admiring your Chanel necklace. I made a Chanel glass button bracelet last week. Did you make your necklace?
I hope you have a lovely Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. I would love to be there with you, but packing boxes has taken over my life at the moment! :(
I was wondering if I could put one of your song videos on my blog sometime soon?
I will understand if you don't want me to. If you do want a video on my blog, just let me know which one I can add there.:)

Solstice blessings.

Electro Geisha said...

love the painting :)

faerie finder said...

thanks every dearling!

of course jo dearest! you dont have to ask me
im honoured to be on your blog!
ill come over and comment on your blog too
in case you dont see this one xoox