Friday, 21 May 2010

hamsters, bears & mating doritos

ah. ok. i started twittering. i found all these tweets
in the attic and really needed a place to stuff them.
plus i just found out for super sure that the
chemical brothers used my vocals on three
tracks on their new album! im chuffed &
dancing around. then i saw 8 swans.
really! a mom and dad and 6 babies.
its been a busy day.. do you want
to follow me on twitter where
ive been talking about
bears and hamsters
and mating doritos?
*my tweets*

ps. is there an "e" in doritos?
pps. yes i know theres no e.

ppps. before you come over to twitter
you should know that i have been talking
about eating hamsters, not petting them.
i like pretty things but im also a massive
shit talker. if you dont like that sort of
thing, just stay over here where ill still
talk to you about magic and faeries.
i promise! ♥


Butterfly姫 said...

I´m following you!=)
Is your hair lighter or it´s just my impression?

Have a nice day!

faerie finder said...

eee yay thanks! :)
no that is an old picture of me..
i used it as my twitter avatar.
cause im kinda hiding
and saying rude jokes!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

You have the cutest Twitter background and the most interesting tweeps. xx

faerie finder said...

herherhe thanks!
i let the naughty fairy do most
of the tweeting :)

Jessie said...

I'm following you now! ;o)

faerie finder said...

yay thanks! :)

LifeInLargePrint said...

I'm going to follow you :) Your pictures are beautiful and make me happy :)

Alice Grimm said...

Following you ^^
It's always fun when I discover that favorite bloggers of mine have Twitter accounts :D

hello birdy said...

Have Chemical Brothers really used your vocals??

faerie finder said...

yes i sang on 3 songs :)

faerie finder said...

also... my hair was really blonde before
so it wont hold the dark dye :(

i have to dye it ALL the time to keep it dark.
id give anything to not have ever messed with it
in the first place!!!!!!

Shan said...

Oh my god your tweets are hilarious. Have just read all of them. Favourites include:
'when pandas get to the end of the bamboo we are plum fucked'
'if it was slow they would have called it buttons.'

nath said...

your tweets are straight up classic and amazing, i love that you're a pretty-liking shit talker, it's such a happy combination. i have been toying with getting me a twitter...