Monday, 24 May 2010

poor violas come back & the concert

the sun has been striking at my violas and they are so sad.
i had to put a parasol up for them and give them lots to drink.
its because my neighbors cut down their beautiful birch trees.
i cried and cried. just the sound of them being chopped to bits
just hurt me so much... now we have lost our shade... and more
tree ghosts have been made.... *weep*

last night was the chemical brothers concert.. i got a chance to
see them really quickly before the show and wish them luck.
i was totally shocked when my voice (on track) opened up the show!
i had no idea! the record is really light and vibrant and promises
hours of positivity... im really happy that i could be a part of it.

i thought simon pegg was sitting in front of us, turns out
it was "just some guy" OK TWITTER. for all of you that
subscribed and then just as quickly unsubscribed,
im sorry dearlings! yes i have a dark and sometimes
disturbing sense of humor. i like baby-eating jokes.
i always have. i always will. unless of course
someone eats my baby. then i might change.
i think twitter is just the place for me to
let it all out and yes, i laugh at my own jokes ♥


faerie finder said...

ps. i know it seems really strange that i had no idea that i would be on the opening track.. but they didnt tell me! :) i wanted to nudge the strangers around me and say "hey thats me" but i kept my hands to myself and just sang along :)

Little Sparrow said...

Porr little trees!

Wow, that's so amazing about the chemical brothers opening! Exciting.


faerie finder said...

thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

oh, you always always have the most beautiful, fairy-like outfits <3

Valerianna said...

Was there a reason for cutting beautiful birches? I am sooo ever mystified by the chopping down of trees for no apparent reason.... We had a huge ice storm here a couple of years ago, it brought down hundreds all over town. We lost power for 5 day. Bad enough to lose all those trees, but then the power company came and started cutting hundreds more because they might POSSIBLY fall on a power line someday... so I get it, sort of, but we haven't had a storm like that since.

Adventures in Domestic Cooking said...

Those are lovely=)

foxglove said...

i think you should have nudged the people around, hehe, i would be quite impressed if i was nudged at a gig by the singer....i don't know if i would believe.

Tamara said...

I added you to Twitter and so far all I've done is giggle at your posts! It is nice to see someone not playing it too safe!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The sound of a chain saw is my least favourite sound. Horrible.

Watch out for dingos. They eat babies, I've heard.

loucieee said...

So sad to hear that. You don't have the canopy of leaves anymore?

Harlow Darling said...

How very very exciting to be part of the album, wow wow wow!

So sad to hear about the poor little birches, birch trees are such delicate beautiful trees, their silky bark makes me think of something a fairy would wear a dress made out of to a midnight frolic on the glade...

Lovely tights too, they made me think of something Marie Antoinette would wear!


joanne May said...

I hate tree murderers!!!
We are having some very old trees being cut down near us too. It makes me feel so sad hearing them being pulled down!:(

Congrats with being on the the Chemical Brothers track. It sounds like you had a great night.:)
I would twitter you if I was on twitter but I'm on facebook as well as Blogger, I don't think I could keep up with twittering as well!
So do you like the baby back ribs song from Austin Powers?;D

Hugs and hearts.

Jess. said...

I think your stockings are so completely wonderful, dear. And I love the fairy tale books you bought. It all looks so enchanting.


foxglove said...

Thankyou :) I am going to be at whole fest, friday till monday. Was going to just do a day as am by myself but then couldn't resist escaping with faerys for entire weekend. Have you ever been/are going?

Yarrow said...

My heart was truly broken when my neighbours cut their trees down. Half an acre of beautiful tall trees were replaced by crummy houses!

How thrilling for you at the concert, I'm so amazed by your restraint :)

My main blog is visible in my profile for a short time. I keep it hidden for many reasons, but I decided to open it up briefly and share the other side of my life.

Kori said...

I'm just a random fan who enjoys your blog & crap and wanted to tell you that today of all days feels like your music is saving me

Kori said...

Oh my gosh my phone somehow made music say crap, that ids so embarrassing and NOT what I meant!!

faerie finder said...

!! hahah no worries kori!!! i thought the fact that you said crap was hilarious! i literally cracked up forever!

ps.on a serious note im glad you are feeling saved today. i need a bit of it myself .. thus i turn to the indigo girls :) or sinead! ♥

faerie finder said...

and also thanks everyone for your sweet comments!
i made my stockings by cutting off a pair of tights and adding ribbons. cheap and nice & long!

Kori said...

I'm glad you didn't mind! I follow you on Twitter also, and you have me literally cracking up as well!

faerie finder said...

also... about the birch trees...
the tree men were upset to have to cut them down.
they were perfectly fine trees and came down
because of a neighbor squabble about branches...

the tree men said
"are you happy now!!??"
to the people after they were done.

they love trees ♥

Ϩtεℓℓα said...

you´ve an award in my blog! (

Electro Geisha said...

wow opening for the chemical brothers :) wow... so sorry for the trees and thirsty violas :(