Wednesday, 5 May 2010

we're ok!

thank you for all of your well wishes hearts & prayers
kitties are back to fluffing and purring as you can see.
more special food... more special care... and
nearly back to normal. ruby had to wear
the cone for a few days .. but she is up
to full strength mew-ness now.

i have been in the garden. i fell straight into it.
normally i just watch it grow... but this week i
put my hands right inside of the ground.
and then i found everything. everything.
i will take some pictures soon..
lilacs, jasmine, strawberries,
roses, azaleas & ferny bits
heather & moss & forget me nots..
all stretching roots and sighing.
plus the wee little frog pond is kicking!


The Scrybe said...


Pauline said...

Oh what a refief for you that your babies are on the mend. And what little angels they are, gorgeous.

loucieee said...

No problem. I love your sweet little kittens. :)

Little Miss Norway said...

Hello lovely!

Glad to hear that the little ones are fine and dandy now!

Are you still in the studio?


Kittyj said...

Ooh - I'm so happy! I'm like a crazy old lady checking every day to see how the kitties are!!! Yay!

E said...

great to hear your kitties are okay. my purring friend had to go to a tooth operation, but he is fine now, eating even more than before... it is so horrible when your pet has something wrong with their health.

Ϩtεℓℓα said...

glad that they´re ok ^^ they look so cute!!

greetings from spain


Jessie said...

Good news! :o) Your garden sounds so full of life, I'm looking forward to the pictures! xx

faerie finder said...

thank you dearlings!
it really means so much to have well wishes sent
our way! and yes it really is so distressing when
a fur-baby doesnt feel well.. you just want to
talk to them and have them talk back!
a tooth operation! aw! :( im glad he is feeling better!
thanks again everyone!!!!
meows xoxoxo

moonshinejunkyard said...

your kitties are seriously beautifully graciously magical. i am so glad they are well...and what a joy to garden!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that they are okay. i look forward to seeing the pictures, the garden is such a lovely place to be!

Laine de Bergère said...

Good news! glad to hear it...and your garden sounds lovely. You live in a dream home! A. xx

Karolina said...

Oh I'm glad your darlings are ok :)

Pinky_Pie said...

Awh! I'm glad they're feeling better^^
(My gift to you: free magic word undiashi)

Harlow Darling said...

Awww I'm so glad they are feeling better again!
My poor little Duchey came down with a kitty sniffle this week too, but luckily it seems to have gone away :)

heleen said...

Your garden sounds absolutely delightful, make sure to take pictures when all is in bloom! x

Yarrow said...

So, so glad the snowy babies are feeling better. It's such a worry when they aren't well. My darling boys are 15 and 19 and such a constant worry now that they are in their twilight years!

Hugs to you all.x

Julia said...

how adorable.