Saturday, 6 February 2010

deep black forest

i had a dream that the forest floor was covered in black velvet.
little beetles made their way this way and that.
a wise owl watched from a tree but let them be.
he turned his feather head


faerie finder said...

this is a painting by *swan bones*
isnt she just the most amazing ever?

faerwillow said...

~what a dream....beautiful picture to reflect your words...brightest blessings~

Anonymous said...

You're cute!
I'd like to have dreamy dreams about animals more often.
Most of the time, my dreams are spoiled with humans and grown up worries.
I wished that i'd dream a real dream.
love you!

PS: hope to get some news from snowbird and all, wouldn't spring be a perfect time for a new cd? ;)
I've been droging myself with youtube videos!

Danica Keeley said...

that painting is wonderful. great p[ost my dear!!

KnitXcorE said...

last week i had a dream that people rode on bears, instead of cars. it was nice.

faerie finder said...

thank you loves!
i read fairy tales right before i go to bed,
so it keeps me in that place ♥
especially if i read george macdonald.

Belle-Etoile said...

That sounds like a lovely dream. It reminds me of this song

Last night I dreamed about a forest too, but it was full of werewolves. Some were friendly, and some were not.

faerie finder said...

oooh ive never played dark cloud.
do you play it? whats the platform?

laughingmuse said...

Beautiful dream, and beautiful image to go with your post. Lovely lovely!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

what a pretty blog dearest. xo

Belle-Etoile said...

I have played it. It's and old PS2 game. My brothers and I played it together, it was pretty good! And it had awesome music. The music in Wise Owl Forest (the track I gave you) was my favorite.

harps said...

beautiful painting. I love beetles, so pretty and iridescent

forgetmenotphotography said...

Such an incredible blog you have! Magical painting, and lovely words :)

Hendrix said...

Such a delicate painting, I thought for sure it was coloured pencil.