Saturday, 1 August 2009

tonight we are going to see coco.

im reeeeeallly excited.

so i am wearing blue & white stripes,

and super black shoes. (very french oui?)

chanel lipstick in *russet moon*

and faaaaaake chanel earrings. (shhhhh... heh heh heh)

i dont have to wear a suit because chanel loved ballerinas too.

and smoking.

here is a poem i wrote for her:
coco cut off all her hair, and
wore the fur of polar bear.
she came to life when all alone,
and smoked her ciggies to the bone.

yeah. it rhymes...
i didnt say it was good.


lovely bones said...

i love your blog and this post is wonderful,

i love what your wearing and the poem makes me chuckle :) xx

Jenna said...

Ohhh I've been looking forward to that for so long! I hope you had fun! You look fabulous.

KnitXcorE said...

lolz. have fun :-)

Noura Beluga said...

hello lovely,
precious words, i hope you had a nice time,


Alveline said...

You are really beautiful:)

a mouse said...

aw! you flowers are so sweet!
thank you :)
i LOVED the film..
it actually made me feel
like i was IN it.. very easy
to be swept away in..
there were other
people in blue
& white stripes!
heh heh heh :)
we cried so
bring tissues!

a mouse said...

also i dont know why i look
so pixilated... the pictures
arent like that.. hmm.

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

Perfect outfit! Hope you had a fabulous time!


a mouse said...

yay i fixed the pictures
i just made them smaller
i wonder why it did that?
i must go to bed
we are going to
cricket EARLY in
the morning!

That Hooligan Girl said...

You look great glad you had a wonderful time. :) btw I love your music.

PinkBow said...

i saw it too & thoroughly enjoyed it - i did have a tear in my eye at the end :)

claire montgomerie said...

I cannot wait to see this - i forgot it was out, have been waiting for months to see it! thanks for reminding me, must get down the cinema.
I won't have much trouble deciding what to wear - most of my clothes have blue and white stripes on them! :)

Anonymous said...

sweet photos!!

Sara said...

Such a cute post... and what a lovely outfit!

Anonymous said...

you look so lovely as usual ♥

a mouse said...

thanks ;)

*Valentine* said...

Lovely lovely lovely!

But why are your black shoes "very french"? :)

mwah mademoiselle petit hiboux!

anji-jane said...

You look pretty. I am just done reading about the film in Vogue and now i want to see it too... x

a mouse said...

ah! haha
i think i have these images of
little french girls like madeleine
in cute black shoes! its a total
generalization but somehow
strikes me as true... i guess
its not! :) silly me :P

Lara said...

what a fun post! you look great! i love the outfit and now i need to see this movie!