Friday, 31 July 2009

flowers from the attic

i had a dream i was diving deep underwater
and i could breathe.. there was kissing
and a castle deep in the sea.
when i woke up i put on my
flower tights.. well.. flower
tight? and went to buy
some more paint
brushes for the


Anonymous said...

oh, i do wish to have a beautiful skirt like that and some pretty flower tights ♥

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Its all perfect!!!!

PinkBow said...

very very pretty :)

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a lovely dream.
your skirts are so beautiful!

maxine alice said...

i really want one of these! this one reminds me a bit of tigerlily, from peter pan xxxx

vintageveggie said...

most adorable outfit ever. i wish i could dress like this everyday... will you become my stylist?


harps said...

Visiting your blog is always like entering another world. a really beautiful world.
Did you ever read Flowers in the Attic? It's a really good (extremely emotional) story. I highly recommend it.

*Valentine* said...

I love flowers tights, but I don't think it suit me, my legs aren't long enough! haha

I wanna see the dollhouse painted when it's over!!

a mouse said...

wow thanks dolls! :)
such lovely comments
make me smile lots!

heart heart tigerlily
(the little temptress)
sure ill become your stylist!
i obSESSively read vc andrews
as a teen.. i loved them all :)
*my sweet audrina*
still freaks me out though..
i think pale flower tights look
good on any leg length.. :)
i MEAnt to turn these inside
out to make them more pale
but i totally forgot!

Marmelindela said...

Pretty! I love the flower thight, I want one too.

malin said...

I´ve just finished reading through your blog, and I´m so happy I found it - it´s so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!

a mouse said...

i got them a looong time ago..
and i dont remember where :(
i actually found them again
in the attic with some old