Monday, 3 August 2009

little fox stays for a while

our garden is full of foxes.
i dont mind them... people
say i should try to get them
to leave.. but i like the
scurrying they make
when i walk outside.

the one on my bed
gives no signs
of leaving.


Jenna said...


I wish we had foxes. We probably do, I never see them though. I love your bed. And the trees growing out of it =]

chelsea jade said...

you have trees growing out of your bed! they must watch over you and keep you safe when you're sleeping.

have you yet recieved my package, deer?

Lara said...

so cute and i love the trees by your bed! i love foxies too .. kinda makes me sad because we have to give away our fox dog (shiba inu) soon; he's terrorizing my kids plus more. :( how nice is that to have foxes scurring around the garden. today my two cats were flopped out, rolling around in the dirt in various parts of my gardens .. one crunching on the fresh catnip .. love it. :)

a mouse said...

yes yes yes yes yes
it was the best
surprise ever
it came yesterday!
i looooooooooove
your music dearly
now its time for YOUR
package! yayyyyyyyy

willawisp said...

This is such a lovely dreamy room. I love that you have brought the best things about outside, inside!

*Valentine* said...

You've got the bedroom of my dreams : a lage bed and 2 windows at the head of it....
Could kill for that kind od bedroom!!!

Anonymous said...

such beautiful and dreamy pictures as always ♥

a mouse said...

thanks! my room is pretty simple
it has nice light though! :)

a. said...

the fox is such cute.
your bedroom is pretty with the little forest and the doll house in it.

a mouse said...

*thanks! :)*

juliette said...

this is adorable! i live in Australia and i don't think i've ever seen a fox let along have one lying on my bed. i just love your room too.