Tuesday, 11 August 2009

i saw a white robin

ah! an award! *see below* from the wild dreamer herself *sara*.
visit her pretty glitter & bells here: raindrops and rosepetals
this award requires a list of 7 facts about me.

1. i go through phases where i paint everything white,
or dye everything i own pink (including my underwear)
or black... its always a different color..
so it ALL goes flying into the dye or paint.
its weird, everyone says so.. but i cant stop.

2. im a bit of a clean-a-holic. i come by it naturally.
its in my genes. i have my great-grandmothers desk.
when i polish it i think,
"how many times did my great-grandmother,
then my grandmother...then my mother polish this?"
and im STILL doing it! (why? as i polish polish polish)
seems dust is a tenacious truth that will outlive us all.

3. i always feel just a little out of place.
now that im an american girl living in london,
its just a little bit harder still.

4. i really really really believe in all kinds of magic.
i write down all magical happenings, miracles, and
things ive learned in my journeys in my book of light.
when i hold the book in my hands it sort of settles me
with peace, stillness and a sense of calm.

5. i used to work in a piano store selling pianos and
giving lessons... the piano store was in the mall.
im pretty ok on the piano but sometimes late in the
evening, a child would wander in, sit down, and
play the same piece i was struggling with like
a complete and total angel. freaking. perfectly.
it used to make me so upset that i would quit piano.
i quit piano just about once every week...
and then would start back up the very next day.

6. the thing people tell me the most is
(and ive heard this so much i want to scream)
they pause... sort of wrinkle their brow and
back away and really slowly say.."you'rrre weeeird"
i reealllly hate that. i never wanted to be the weird one
so it took me a long time to be happy just being me.

7. last summer i went on tour with massive
attack and met a bunch of my musical heros
like bjork , goldfrapp, and siouxsie sioux.
but i still like this summer better because im
going to get to eat the grapes in my garden.
i think thats probably weird.
but we covered that in #6 :)

id like to pass this award on to:

the sweet and lovely *willawisp* at *ive stolen a garden*
and the cutest teacup *chelsea jade* at *willow ships*


E said...

oh you are not weird, you are unique and wonderful :)

a mouse said...

aw thanks! :)
i think i need to stop thinking that way!

magnoliaamber said...

How similar we are in some points!
I am clean-holic as well though not as much as you because I have to make sure I take turns with my roommate!
And pretty owl in the dark, you are not weird, my cousin keeps booing me with 'You are weeeeirrrdooo" thing but I don't care. Just be yourself:)
You are magical! just spread the magic through your blog!

willawisp said...

Funny, I get the same comments but I think the way you see life is beautiful :) Thank you so much for passing this on to me, I am still in awe of your blog!

malin said...

I agree, you´re not weird, you´re the most wonderful thing I´ve seen in a long, long time!

I´m the same with colour, oh and with life - I completely submerge myself in something, and there´s no room for anything else. I was really into shabby chic at home a couple of years ago, then the colours started sneaking in... I think about how lovely it would look to decorate in your colours (so much more wonderful that the Danish/French shabby chic - you´re like a fairytale, but I know myself - I wouldn´t be able to keep colours out, I think... In life, I submerge myself in my painting, because that´s the most wonderful thing I´ve ever done. I haven´t had room for any vintage clothing, home decorating, knitting or anything else since I started painting. Now I am inspired to knit, thanks to you actually. I´m looking for a pretty shawl or scarf pattern for my handspun alpaca yarn. Got any ideas? I love how you dress, and I´m also into 40s/50s vintage.

vintageveggie said...

well #1, you're like the least weird person ever. and #2, if you still feel weird, embrace it! it'll always give you a one up on everyone around you if you are perfectly comfortable in your own skin.

Anonymous said...

you're very welcome, and i really enjoyed reading this post. lovely picture btw ♥

sara said...

oh this is lovely!i also have to add that i've been listening to your music and it is positively beautiful!i think i have to go out and buy some of it!do you think your cd is available in canada?

a mouse said...

thanks everybody!
i hesitated whether or not
i wanted to talk about the weird thing
but its the truth..
so im glad i let it out :)
i know weirdness isnt bad
but sometimes when
someone gives you that
"you are weird" look
its chips away a bit of you.
its good to be reminded
to polish out the chips.

Belle-Etoile said...

I have a similar problem with the piano. I took it for school for more than two years, but I'm still not very good. (And I have trouble reading notes.) I'm such a perfectionest that hearing myself play stresses me out, because it isn't up to parr with where I imagine I should be. Needless to say, this means I don't play the piano very often.

a mouse said...

gar piano can be so frustrating!
i think the thing is to
get back on the horse
or.. the bench! :)
i hope you start
playing more!

thanks! i think the best way
to get my cd is through itunes..
:) xoxo

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

I usually think that the word "weird" is not a negative word, because its often said by people who are pretty dull! ;)

I need to quote Morrissey here, because I love it, he sings "If I seem a little strange, well, that's because I AM."

I think that takes a lot of pressure, because we are what we are...not more, not less and certainly not less!

How do you like London?


a mouse said...

i like london ok
i miss my friends though..
i havent really made many
here in england... i suppose
time will bring all that?
time and wishes.

Pandora said...

Huh, you don't seem weird at all. In fact, I loved the fact that everything you own seems to match. I wish I was more coordnating but by nature I am not. Same as by nature I am an absolutely messy person. I always have projects scattered around my house.

I have also been called weird and never understood it. I seem pretty normal. Plus, if we were all the same, life would be just plain boring.

Aline la Bergère said...

Very cool facts about you! I wish we were neighbours, honestly! A.xx

Eliza said...

thank you so much for your comment dear ♥ actually i wandered on your blog and saw many many beautiful inspiring things. you are very talented, really! :) i had to tell you this. and also, about that, people telling you you're weird, like, what's wrong? you can't even be called weird, you're unique and different from other people in a beautiful way, i'm sure. always stay true to yourself, because you are special! :) oh and you are so lucky that you met all of those people that you look up to. i wish i met my favourite artists and musicians as well, one day. ♥

Anonymous said...

i usually prefer the term 'delightfully odd.' i don't think you should worry about feeling weird. you seem like a person i would love to meet and you make beautiful music.

Hendrix said...

You're not weird at all, you're lovely. What a sweet award.

willawisp said...

Yay paper boats! I never thought of it before, but now I really want to spend a day with them :) I think our bookshop would be the prettiest ever ;)

Zenobia said...

Oh i go through the exact stages with colours, one minute i want everything pale and simple, next i want groovy things. Thankyou for your comment, i can understand your obsession with lydia deetz, i was tempted to try and steal her style, but it just wouldn't suit me. i love your blog. Its magical. Also that Rose collar is the sweetest thing i've ever seen!! I want one!! xxxxxx

a mouse said...

thanks everybody for your
"youre not weird" comments!
i almost feel normal :)
heh heh..xoxo

PinkBow said...

this is a great post - it's good to be unique :)

hello birdy said...

I was just reading thinking "wow she's so pretty, I've never met anyone with so many white coloured things..even cats!" and then... you went on tour with massive attack???

a mouse said...

aw thanks :)
i do have lots of white stuff..
i think the older i get..
the more things pale out
i dont know why that is..
i used to like bright colors
and now they make me anxious.

yes i went on a european
tour with them.. it was quite
fun.. we got to sing glastonbury
and for the prince of denmark...
all sorts of stuff like that.
heres a video

hello birdy said...

Oh my god you sang Teardrop!! :O
Massive Attack are such a hugely important band for me.. And that song means so much to me! I find this so strange that I found your blog and read it regularly without knowing any of this.. Your vocals are incredible and make me miserable that I'm so tone deaf! Can't wait to tell my boyfriend about this..

hello birdy said...

In all my bewildered excitement I forgot to say, I'm seeing them at Bestival next month :)

a mouse said...

oh wicked! :)
have fun

ps.. i just sang teardrop on
tour with them.. the recording
is elizabeth fraser.. she is my hero :)

owlsinthewood said...

i too
have a book of light
and it is full
with magick.

i knew there was a reason i liked you

magickals somehow



find eachother

hugs from one magickal cat lover
to another
across the great sea