Tuesday, 4 August 2009

to know a crow is a tricky thing

it was a bit rainy today .. so i wore my crow hat

i got some suede boots in america and they got wet.

well.. you cant see the water cause this was before i went out.

the thing about crows is:

they always take care of their own.
they transform what you know.
bring back the old and make it new.
and they will always always surprise you.

after the sun came out.. i went outside.
i tried to get some pictures of the foxes
but they are hiding behind my shed and
i just cant begin to get back there.. so
i went hunting and came back with a
brand new crystal ball and a book
about fonteyn and nureyev... it
has pictures of them in every
ballet... the pictures made
me cry because you can
feel the emotion in
their dancing
right on the

i know i look kind of like a hippy today
but i was just having some fun. FUN I SAY!


Hendrix said...

Pff, hippie fun is BEST FUN.

a mouse said...

ha ha ha
i felt like a totally
different person all
day it WAS fun!
its very rare that
i put on jeans :)

Autour de toi said...

Special pics, so cute.

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suzannah said...

beautiful post again. i adore your crow hat and your lovely suede boots ♥

a mouse said...

thank you lovelies :)
the crow hat only
comes out every
so often :)

a. said...

you look really bohemian which i like. i love your fur, looks really real, is it real? i like fake fur but you look damn good and cute in one way.

PinkBow said...

great outfit, quite bohemian

KnitXcorE said...

i like it.
hippies are underrated.