Wednesday, 26 August 2009

jellyfish are the ocean's ghosts

today i made a jellyfish ocean ghost mobile in my room.
im going to hang white butterflies and stars inside.

maybe it will look like the jellyfish ghost
swallowed white butterflies for dinner.
naughty naughty that jelly butterfly belly.


Anonymous said...

I think your blog is beautiful and oh wow, can i buy your music anywhere ?! "Owl In the Dark" is soooo amazing, beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.


a mouse said...

thanks so much!
that means a lot :)
i think the best way to
get it is on itunes under stephanie dosen

it was in stores in the UK
but not so much anymore
cause... where are the stores!
ah! theyve all closed down! :(
soooooo sad..

there is still great music out there
though.. we just have to be crafty
about how to find it!

heart heart and
glad you liked it :)

Raisa said...

Thanks for the comment!
The jellyfish ocean ghost mobile is so cute&cool!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Jellyfish are like knowing ghosts. I love that! xx

Karolina said...

the idea is so great I might even want to do something like that myself.. when I get the time :)

both your blogs are beautiful, got me knitting too!
lots of sunshine

joanne May said...

Thanks for your comment Mouse.:)
I wandered what bloglovin is but I have just found out. Thank you for adding me to the list!:)
The jellyfish is so delicate and a great effect. I use to have a net curtain hanging on my bedroom wall with white butterflies on it and behind the curtain I put white fairy light to make them glow at night, like moths!
See you again soon.:)
Love Jo May. xx

wildflowers said...

Oh it sounds so lovely :)

PinkBow said...

i always have my laptop on mute - i didn't even know you have your own music! i intend to check it out immediately!
i love this post - i love how creative you are!
i will look forward to your paris post too :)

Karen said...

How magical!
Your jellyfish just reminded me of a book I just read...
'The girl with glass feet by Ali Shaw'
A story set in a landscape of ice and snow where jellyfish glow luminous in the waters and a girl is turning to glass.
You might like it ?

a mouse said...

oooh that book sounds lovely..
icy.. snowy.. glowy .. ♥

thanks everyone for your comments :)
you are all sunshine! xoxo

KnitXcorE said...

i would hang rhinestones or crystals inside from monofilament, so it sparkles in the daylight.
maybe, like it ate some magic?

a. said...

uiii, i'M a bit afraid of jellyfishes but i'm much more afraid of squids.
thank youu sooo much for your lovely words about my words (sound stupid, a bit, maybe... huh)

oh and have a great afternoon, dear.

a. said...

oh and i never notice that the tune at your blog is your music. there was i day i wanted to ask you why the song called like your blog but my head was only a bit in the sky, sooo...

Anonymous said...

oh i never thought that jellyfish could be described as oceans ghosts! that's so lovely! ♥

sugar plum fairy said...

oh that is just SO pretty & perfect
for your room. i have always been
fascinated with the wispy, delicateness of jellyfish.
they are so delicate yet powerful.
guess what i picked up at my
library last night? the princess
& the goblin!

a mouse said...

oh sugar plum happy reading!
dont forget the sequel! princess & curdie! ♥

thanks *a* im never sure about promoting
my music on my blog.. cause then it seems
... a little.. weird! but i suppose its part
of me so i share it :) ♥

oh sir knitXcorE! what a brilliant idea!!!!
crystals it IS! ♥

harps said...

ooh I want one in my room! In black though, I have a dark soul....

sara said...

oh jelly fish are quite ethereal, i love them!btw i've awarded you on my blog!

a mouse said...

harps i think you are a pure white soul that likes dark things! i like dark things too believe it or not :)

and sara! thanks so much for the award! :)
♥ xoxo happy happy xoxo ♥

juliette said...

haha it seems everyone has given you awards for your blog.
well i must do the same because your blog is so magical and dreamy ♥