Friday, 1 May 2009

merry may day

i really wanted to make a maypole today..
but i couldnt.. you really need a lot of
people to make a maypole... and
today i dont really have any.. people that is.
unless you count the tadpoles in my frog pond
in that case i have shit-loads.
im going to put some in a bowl
so i can watch their legs pop out.

im listening to bears today
and i love the record cover.
this review on itunes
talked me into buying it:

horrible band ****
"their music sounds good and everything, but i just cant tolerate their support of bears. these godless killing machines are everywhere and now they have a band named after them? we cannot let bears be associated with good music like this, it could desensitize the children to the horrible threat of bear attacks. they smell fear, they hate our freedom and they want our sweet sweet honey."


KnitXcorE said...

the next time you're in the US we must make a giant maypole :-)

i'll have to check those bears out <3

a faerie finder said...

ok!!! :D

a faerie finder said...

and yes! check them out but dooont eat the porridge.. it reeaalllly ticks them off.