Thursday, 30 April 2009

cute gnome

im sorry but this gnome is cute.


KnitXcorE said...

i love him so much i'm going to cry! where did you find him?

a faerie finder said...

i so sadly dont own him!! :(

have you ever been on ebay..
and you saw something you REALLy liked
but someone else was bidding..
and you felt bad taking it from them?

like... the person bidding is SO excited
but just cant bid any higher?
thats what happened to me and the gnome.
i just felt the energy that
he belonged to someone else
even though i wanted him so much!
i know that is almost stupid..
but i have to listen to the
faeries in my head in times like this...!
yes. im just a little insane :)

you know the kicker?
hes a BELL!!!!
he rings!

anyway.. i hope the person that got him
really really loves him... and im sure they do!