Wednesday, 20 May 2009

croquettes croquet. is fun. do it. ill catch.

every morning my 2 little white cats wake me up.
they want to go in the garden.
"we want to eat grass" they say.
i get my coffee and molly the labrador
and go out to the garden to
let my little sheep graze.

i have to have molly with me,
because when the sheep wander too far
i just say "molly get the lambs!"
and she will run after them and
stop them dead in their tracks
and herd them back inside.
she loves to do this..
she puts her nose on their backs
and sort of tries to pin them down
its so funny... they totally tolerate it.

we had ballerina today..
my turn out is getting better
and im working on bending my feet clear in half
so thats gotta be good right.
afterwards petal and i got spanish tapas
and decided to move above the restaurant
so we could just roll out onto the balcony and have
them throw cheese croquettes up through the bars and
into our mouths when we just cant make it downstairs.

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That Hooligan Girl said...

My dog herds me and the cat. >.< That's really cute tho.