Tuesday, 19 May 2009

aw come on now thats not even fair.

i am completely powerless if you
post something like this on ebay.
all the strength in my whole body
goes directly to my "buy it now" finger.
my "bring it home and give it some milk"
instincts have gotten me in loads of trouble.


Little Miss Norway said...

Good for you!

Looks like the little puss needed a good home to go to!


a faerie finder said...

hopefully she makes it to me....!

Lull said...

Please, could you tell me the name of the seller's name? I've fallen in love with this lovely cat :__)

I love your blog, it's amazing!!

a mouse said...

if you want one.. just look up
stieff kitty on ebay! :) xoxo

a mouse said...

OOOPs i meant steiff
i always get that wrong!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!! :))