Saturday, 23 May 2009

everything matters ... even if its just a little bit.

im learning this song on the piano
i love how the melody seems to sit on ribbons.

in other news:
petal has been over all weekend for a girls weekend.
we got a bunny kit. its a kit to make a bunny.
not a real one. its made of felt. and thread.

i wouldnt have thought that i would be sitting
on a fake motorcycle next to a gigantic iron
lion in camden with laura and pinky today.
it was surreal and just the breath of fresh
unabashed american air that i needed.
bless bless bless their american hearts.
and...! they brought me cap'n crunch.

petal and i got our tickets for the clothes show london today!
i got some mammoth heels for the occasion but i put them on the table.
natanya reckons its bad luck. so im hoping the result isnt *i fall over*


Little Miss Norway said...

Oh my Grandma used to say the same thing, so I never ever put new shoes on the table!

But I bet they'll be fabulous!


a faerie finder said...

thanks! :) im totally chickening out and not wearing them.. they are like 7 inches tall! maybe to a show sometime?