Wednesday, 18 March 2009

puff the magic dragon and the cupcake van

here in austin texas its sunny and breezy
it seems like the easiest and best thing
to do here is find a place to sit around.

this is the cupcake van.
somehow when you have
a cupcake from here, all
you want to do is have
another cupcake the
the next day.

there was a man sitting outside it singing
"puff the magic dragon" into a little speaker.
and it was all frosting and cowboy boots
cotton candy dragons and western shirts.
every time i come here i never want to leave.


anji jane said...

I cannot think of anything better than a 'cupcake van'. how completely perfect. sounds like a blissful time. x

KnitXcorE said...

i love it so much.... a beet van could be nice though. i do enjoy a nice beet or two.

Natanya said...

can you bring me one home? a big one with green icing?