Thursday, 5 April 2012

newness & the round moon

sometimes when we begin to understand things better, we get new
programs to use. but then instead of using them, we go back to our
old programs... the ones we know better. because they are easier.
here is to granting bravery to our new branches! let them find just
enough sunlight to grow leaves and bear fruit. but these things
take time ♥ there is nothing wrong with a good rest when learning.

i found quite a few new books to read! i have a new blanket with rings
of wise elephants on it now, and we sit together and dream under stars.
we breath the mountains deep into our hollow bellies and feel full. then
we drink in lunar energy when the moon is round and glow for 30 days.
we will glow in the dark until it is time to drink it all in again ♥


Anonymous said...

I love you. I'm glad you are doing well, and that you still post to this blog. ❤ ♥

Valerianna said...

Somehow I missed the last post! So good to know you have landed and rooted in the place where "mountains sliced up out of the ground...", that you are protected by white wolves and guided by a golden eagle. I hope Ruby is settling in well. Happy full-moon-glow and blessings from the forest.

Pixie said...

Do i spot the wild wood tarot there.....those cards are just stunning.....i just have them to look at the artwork.

Fleur said...

I'd love to have a blanket like that and to read such books!!

Anthropomorphica said...

Is that stunning artwork yours?. Beautiful post and I adore your new header Stephanie!

stephanie dosen said...

thank you lovelies!
ah no it is not me its edmund dulac!
so lovely hey? ♥ xoxo

Anthropomorphica said...

Just had a look at Edmund Dulac's work, what a wonderful artist. Thank you for the introduction :)