Monday, 11 October 2010

little cupcake kitten hat

a little cupcake kitten hat is the perfect thing
to wear when having tea & cakes.

and cakes ♥

and cakes ♥

and cakes ♥

and just maybe one more cake ♥

i got the inspiration for the fabric from the little
victorian puppet i found at the antique fair.

roses & stripes

the pattern chart included is for 2 flavors:

strawberry & chocolate

i like both flavors :)

pattern info:
available in 2 sizes:
adult - 22” circumference head
child - 18.5” circumference head

adult yarn requirements:
2 balls MC
1 ball each CC (6 colors including stripy ears)

child yarn requirements:
1 ball MC
1 ball each CC (6 colors including stripy ears)

i used jamieson’s shetland spindrift (fingering/4-ply)

you can get the knitting pattern here for 5.50 USD
note: *this is a KNITTING PATTERN* (not the actual hat k?)
(the link will take you to paypal and then a
PDF will be emailed to you right away :)
stephanie xoxo

oh ps wanna see the little puppet? it made my heart skip a beat when i saw it. it was sitting on a table at the fair in the rain being totally ignored. the woman sold it to me for a fiver and looked at me like she couldnt wait to get rid of it. i loved it so much i kissed the creepy thing right on the spot. (and then made this hat in homage)

dont you want to KISS it!?


Aaron-Paul said...

Fabulous hats,oh so cute!

Anthropomorphica said...

You're too clever, I'm really going to have to learn to knit!!!! I love the puppet too, well found :)

Madeleine said...

Aww, these are the cutest hats! I love the little ears! That puppet is quite creepy.

KnitXcorE said...

how cute! i love the rose pattern :-)

poet said...

The cutest hats ever! Almost makes me want to take up knitting, too! And I do like the creepy doll...


Kit and Kaboodle said...

Your hats are fabulous - how lovely to find inspiration in this manner!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Very cute hats! I just love the little flowers and the ears are just too cute. I can only knit a bit but the things you make make me want to learn more!

I actually quite like the puppet he is cute in a slightly scarey mad fun house way!


rossichka said...

These hats are just lovely! And the little bear is lucky to have found a new home where he'll be loved!:)

Anonymous said...

love the strawberry one!

they´re just too cute!

Rach said...

Love it! So beautiful! You always have such sweet pictures too.

Andi said...

What a cute hat! I loved seeing your inspiration as well.

Maximiliana said...

This is . I die from this cute attack!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hello dear one! Sunshine, rays and crystal moments to you. Blessings.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Clever girl. I love your hair that colour as well. Do I want to kiss your little puppet? Maybe. I would prefer to kiss Johnny Depp or my daughter or my husband but he is sort of cute. Happy little puppet to have found such a clever owner. xx

Anonymous said...

Ha! Your imagination is the coolest thing on earth!

And scratch dose beasts behind der ears and under der chins. Loves.

Little Carthorse said...

Oh, I'm jealous! Such a fabulous hybrid of sweet and just a little bit creepy.

Jocerane said...

They're so cute, and so the little puppet!
Inspiration is everywher!

heleen said...

You have one of the most charming blogs I know, I never leave this place without a smile on my face. I wish I had a cupcake hat to brave Winter's winds.

Jessie said...

No I don't want to kiss it, I'll leave that to you! ;) Your hats are soooo cute! I LOVE them! xx

Cookie-Fee said...

oh, this had is just the cutest :) I really really need to learn knitting... and someday I´ll have a wonderful had like this :)

thank you for sharing it :)

kisses and cuddles

Jess. said...

Oh my gosh! These hats are just darling. I wish I could make something so lovely!


Food, flora and felines said...

Oh this is too sweet! Can I comission you to knit me one? I'm hopeless at it :)

Food, flora and felines said...

Oh just to mention I added you to my list of favourite pretty places over at my blog: food, flora and felines. I'd love if you stopped by some time!
Take care,

Grace said...

i <3 the puppet-- creepy is the best kind of cute of course:D xx i love your blog, keep posting such lovely thoughts and pictures of your world xx

koralee said...

Just found you...and I am sooooo in love with this amazingly adorable hat!!! I only wish I could knit!!! Boo hoo.

I am off to visit some more of your other posts see what other treasures I have been missing.

Weekend hugs.xoxo

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...

i have recently discovered your sweet sweet fae and sparkling blog

and i am so excited to meet someone who (like me) dresses in frills and ears (and i'm a granny!). oh-oh-oh and i have white cats too! (3) mine are deaf (all rescued) and one of them is a lamby!! he's our baby, only 6 months old.

hugs, bright autumn blessings and sprinklings of catnip ♥

Elsa said...

love this hat! it's so so wonderful!

Den Grønnkledde/The Green-Clad said...

*Squee* Adorable!

Love your knitting patterns. And this blog. It always puts a smile on my face. <3

Little Miss Norway said...

Hey my dear, this little lot are amazing! I soo want the hat, in blondish coloured yarn, so that I can have the longest plaits once again (my hair just won't grow like that any more!)

You are soo very talented my sweets!

Big hugs to you!