Tuesday, 20 July 2010

hushing early morning and let the soldiers rest

when you are mean to yourself
your self makes a little army of invisible men...
they link arms and form a barrier that separates
you - from your soul.

they will guard your soul like an iron gate
and they wont let you see it anymore.
they are protecting it from you.

if you are easy on yourself,
the men will put down their shields and rest.
then you can be all of you ♥

summer music with not too many words... patchouli mixed with bergamot... then 12 books from amazon dropped through my letterbox! fringy boots and foxes... cedarwood incense & earth thoughts in clay cups... carrying a summer basket... fur and feather wolf & crow dreams where i am the mother... where they rest on my shoulders and lick from my fingers... watching a mobile made of feathers blowing in the fan... then staying up into night to play with magic.. and... ribbons... always the ribbons... twirl your hair around your fingers and suck your thumb little one.. it will be ok and besides that i am so sorry ♥


faerie finder said...

list of my summer albums in order left to right:
hammock "chasing after... the outakes"
hammock "maybe they will sing for us tomorrow"
taken by trees "east of eden"
linda perhacs "parallelograms"
hammock "chasing after shadows living w/the ghosts"
clogs "veil waltz"
volcano choir "unmap"
phosphorescent "pride"
rameses III "i could not love you more"

ps... these are all a bit post-rock bordering on ambient .. stargaze-ish or folky... good to listen to while reading or staring at curtains blowing in the wind ♥

faerie finder said...

i know its shoe-gaze.. but i like star gaze.. i think its better to look up.

faerie finder said...

ah! ps. the phosphorescent cover is the back.
the front offends my senses.

Robby said...

My love for Taken By Trees grows every time I listen to that record.

Karolina said...

I haven't been kind to my soul lately I have to watch that army... I'll check out every one of those albums for sure!

Karen said...

True words on souls :)
Thanks for sharing your music recommendations...Looking forward to exploring... I hope I find magic? x

Anonymous said...

Such soothing words, your summer sounds a great lot like mine. And your taste in music is wonderful too. How come everything you do and like and make and are is nothing short of wonderful? Always stay so (we need your magic here). xxx

faerwillow said...

~your words fill our spirit. nourish our souls...a beautiful reminder to care for ourselves...this post was gorgeous in the simplest way...look forward to hearing your words...thank you for sharing these albums with us...find a piece of magic to listen to while blowing in the wind...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

The Snow Child said...

does your band have a myspace?

Anthropomorphica said...

Such true and thoughtful words.
Thank you for the reminder.

thenowheregirl said...

very wise words, i love it! xx

Anonymous said...

i love the last line; 'then you can be all of you'.
it's true that you have to accept yourself to truly be yourself xx

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I agree with Vera. We need your magic here. One clap of your hands, one puff of your breath and you dispel legions of little men. xx

faerie finder said...

oh you beautiful beautiful commenterrrssss!!!!
i feel like i throw a little pebble in a pond
and then suddenly a dozen pebbles drop in
the water all at once and join mine!

it is an amazing feeling to
hear from you :)

@ the snow child:
i think my band does have a myspace! hahaha
we arent promoting the music yet because
our record isnt finished... after its out,
maybe i will update the myspace page
and tidy up the band ♥

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Thanks for the visit sparkle... thought I heard your twinkly bells;) and lo, there were your sweet words! Daughter dear is May 15, I am April 12, but am always told I am a bit more Taurus than Aries... I digress, usually do. Wisconsin is my world, yes.
This post is tender. I sometimes think that warm Summer air is our sweet little fever. Time to take care, slow down, find those hidden berries next to the mint, and then eat them in a cool bath to taste them truly. There is nothing like brushing your hand over the mint and that smell lingers when you pick up a berry. Take care of you, books and cool water, clouds drift for us to watch, so rest. Blessings and light from Amy

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Silly me, got caught up in sending you care and hopes of feeling well, and forgot to ask which posts have your drawings? Would love love to see your faeries! Sometime I can show you all the little darlings that are her friends. Soft thoughts this summer day for you.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Liv, daughter dear, says hi and twinkle and feel good!

ergyerg said...

Lovely post, i've just come across your blog and i think it's absolutely beautiful! The things you make are too!
Following for sure :) Take care!

Terresa said...

I am smitten. Your blog is beautiful.

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

I've just finished knitting a pair of your "Amy Marsh's Slippers." They are SO cute. I'm going to do a short post on my blog about them. You can see it here

Monster Girl said...

You always write the sweetest blog posts! :)

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hope your week went softly... soldiers rest and go follow a downy seed accompanied by a smile friend... Blessings Stephanie feel well.