Wednesday, 6 January 2010

the night we saw the blue moon

look up.. its the blue moon on new years ♥

we walked to the park and stood in the middle of a field

to see the fireworks making electric lights all around us.

it was blue and icy... and we were all alone.

ever since that day... dimes have been appearing out of thin air

pennies have been landing right side up

ghosts have been twirling ribbons in the garden

and snow pom poms have been landing on my mittens ♥


Lilbirdy said...

Lovely images. We missed the blue moon since it always rains here. I really wanted the kids to see it.

I hope you are enjoying your snow, Miss Snowflake. Have some fun on behalf of my kiddies who will likely have none this year (Snow, that is, not fun! Hehe!).

Happy New Year.


Elva Undine said...

I am going to sleep with these pictures in my head tonight. They are like little sparkly pillows.

emma wallace said...

So, so lovely! This is my first time on your site and these photos have entirely won me over.

Karolina said...

the sparks came to life! magical :)

Shell said...

Beautiful picture. I didn't get to see the Blue Moon here..she hid in the clouds and fog. I felt her. So glad you were able to see her magic and beauty clearly.

faerie finder said...

aw! so sorry some of you didnt
get a chance to see the blue moon!
im glad i got some good pictures
to share! :)

That Hooligan Girl said...

great pics! that looked like a magical night. ^_^

Hendrix said...

When I was at school in London, the library had those same lovely ceiling-windows. They were glorious as it snowed.