Saturday, 4 July 2009

the whole worlds heart

seeing as im in carolina
my dress dolly and i
have been dancing.
i should have some
really nice things
to show soon.

today we went to the grocery.
i got some sushi.
when we were checking out
the man packing the bags
noticed a little packet of
soy sauce had gotten
missed.. so he took
the time to look
through every
bag to make
sure he got
it in the

i thought that was really really sweet of him.
imagine if everyone took a little extra time
to make things lovely for someone else.
it would be like a little bit of baby
oil on the whole worlds heart.


Anonymous said...

It's always nice when someone puts in a little extra effort like that. It's sad that it's always a suprise or something special when someone does, but it's lovely just the same. =].

chelsea jade said...

i think it must be a sushi-man trait because the one i go to in my village is so lovely. he always asks me how my mum is and adds an extra serving of soy sauce.

i hope you're having a wonderous time!

Anonymous said...

aww that's really kind of him :) lovely picture btw <3

anji-jane said...

yes I agree... slow down, think, be nice. x

chelsea jade said...

p.s - those earrings are darling!
we've been hunting for matching teacup related pendants to sport.

team teacups!

less like a sports team, more like a crime-fighting trio.

Anonymous said...

hehe me too! <3

Parapluie said...

Oh, what a beautiful blog!