Friday, 3 July 2009

3.1 phillip lim

* little sailors on boats
* the parade
* tap shoes
* ostrich plumes
* do you like black licorice?


chelsea jade said...

i don't im afraid.
red licorice however


i have myself some clickity tap shoes by the way.

do you?

Lilbirdy said...

Is it salted? :-)

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty i love the white flower thing in your hair <3

Anonymous said...

As usual with your photos, this has such a lovely soft and magical tone. And I do like black licorice, as well as red! =].

a mouse said...

i dont like it.
but i did eat a whole bag of twizzlers
as soon as i got to america :)

Lilbirdy said...

Oh, man, they don't have those in the UK? Jeez! I just ate a whole package after my movie Friday night! Hehehe!

Cinnamon eve said...

aww the headband is great, i always wanted to try it, but i dont think it'll fit me (it fits you nicely though^^)

(i love black liquorice >_< i know everyone hates them, but i think they're quite nice!)