Tuesday, 28 July 2009

suddenly i suspected... the cabinet was listening


arrrr foiled aGAIN.


Anonymous said...

aww your cat is ever so *adorable*

a mouse said...

thanks ;) hes a naughty one.
he knocked over my tea
when he bounded off the
table to get up there..
his sister would
never dream of
such antics!

a mouse said...

is bounded a word?
or would it be bound?
hm. whatever it was
it was naughty.

PinkBow said...

ahhh cute but very naughty!

Hendrix said...

Ahaha, mine will do the same thing. Except she gets up there and will just stare down at you with the worst kind of disapproving cat face.

Lara (Dream Bubble) said...

What a leap... cats can be so kooky. :)

I don't know why, but I think of Alice's cat (not the Cheshire one) in Alice in Wonderland when I see his picture.

How in the world did you find/get *TWO* beautiful white cats? White cats are such a rarity it seems here in the Illinois. I am a *huge* fan of both all-white cats and all-black cats (my black boy is named Merlin). Have you always had a thing for white cats?

Aline la Bergère said...

those little ears look so kissable! A.xx

a mouse said...

the higher lamby perches the more holier he is.
when he comes down with
tablets like moses then im
going to get worried.
"thou shall give me treats"

my grandma gave me a kitten
book when i was little and there
was a white kitten in it that i
absolutely obsessed over.
then i got chloe and i was
hooked... later came
lamby and roo brother
and sister from the same
mom.. im not ashamed to
say i paid a bit too much
money for them.. it was
the picture online..
i couldnt resist!

i picked them up at
putney station in
a little box and the
rest is history ^..^~~~

That Hooligan Girl said...

aw so cute lol

Julianna said...

Ears! That's just adorable.

willawisp said...

Adorable - I'm hoping to get a cat soon, and I can't wait!

Your pictures are always lovely. Which is why I've passed on an award to you - check it out at my blog, http://ivestolenagarden.blogspot.com

sara said...

aww that is so adorable! white kitties are so cute!

hollie said...

Cute cute cute! My little puppy-cat has an obsession with the wardrobe at the moment too, I have to remember to keep one of the sliding doors slightly open for him so he doesn't get locked in!

You are the sweetest, thank you for your beautiful little message on my blog. I love visiting your blog - so magical! xx Hollie

a mouse said...

oh thank you so much everybody!
thanks dearly for the award willawisp!!

Laura said...

ahahaha...i almost died with laughter...hee hee little sneakiness!!! my dad and stepmom are in London today...wave to them!!! xoxo

harps said...

aww cute, wish I had a cat companion :(

harps said...

oh no I'm not allergic (thank god!). My parents never wanted animals in the house, so I'm having to wait until I get my own place to get my dream kitten. I want a grey Persian, and I shall call him Tarquin!

Anonymous said...

Haha the little ears just peeping out!!!