Monday, 27 July 2009

ace rip job

now thats an ace rip job.

simon just came in the room and said
"you smell nice what is it?"
i said "aveda."

then he said, "darth vader?"


now hes writing aveda to tell them
they should come out with a new
perfume called "darth avadar"
im totally going to get me some of that.


a mouse said...

ah! i have no idea where i got this photo.
i try to save the names.. but i have so many
they just turn into a jumble.
id take my own.. but i
threw my back out this
week and dont feel like

ellie said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog- we used apples from my sisters tree- tastes even better when you pick them yourself i think!

I love your blog, look forward to getting to know you more,


maxine alice said...

i love ripped tights :) i really want some ripped jeans actually.

Lara (Dream Bubble) said...

How cute! I am really enjoying your posts and writing style. I am very familiar with Aveda since I have taken many continued education classes with them for my esthetician license. And Darth Vador would be a perfect name, though for a man's fragrance I think.


LACY said...

this is sucha a peaceful and beautiful blog, i luv your post :)

LACY said...

this is sucha a peaceful and beautiful blog, i luv your post :)

KnitXcorE said...

lawlz @ darthavadar.

hope ur back feels better.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed an ace rip job. (I do adore your blog.)

Did you see the swan census last week?

Anonymous said...

those tights look so cool and it's such a good idea about the perfume name :L

littlebyrd said...

lol- darth vader! I do love the way it smells, Aveda that is.

a mouse said...

a thanks!
im not sure how
darthy smells..
but its probably
nothing like
aveda. :)