Friday, 2 April 2010

forest girls

i had a mori girl day. I wore flowers and fluff.
i tacked a wolf tail to my bag. no its not real.

little legwarmers i knitted a long time ago..
maybe i should put up a pattern sometime?
then when i was on the bus to kingston, in theme,
i downloaded ♥ girls of the forest ♥ (1902) by L.T. meade
on my iphone. it is the story of 10 girls let free to run in the early
edwardian forest after their mother dies and their father falls into
a book of virgil and forgets he has daughters. i like it so far.
do you want to read it too? i cant vouch for the end yet. *here*
then i went into the studio to record some more snowbird songs.
i am getting very excited about the record finally being close ♥


Daydreamer said...

that story sounds lovely... i will definitely be downloading it, thank you so much for the link :)
i love snowbird so much, i love 'where foxes hide' and the song that you performed at union chapel, i'm not sure what the name is but it has the line "and then i heard the owl call my name" in it ♥ it has been one of my most-listened to songs recently dear :)
can't wait for the record, i will most definitely be buying it ♥ xx

faerie finder said...

oh thanks so much you dear darling!
i cant believe you remember the lyrics and everything :D
i just did that song yesterday..
i even did a few little "hoots"
i couldnt help myself!
hearts xoxo

Harlow Darling said...

Oh my, it looks like you have cute little rabbit feet!

Little Miss Norway said...

Hey my sweets, those legwarmers are fabtastic! Please put the pattern up for them sometime!

And I'm liking the sound of that book you're reading - must check it out!

Happy Easter to you lovely!


jane said...

the legwarmers are so sweet and cosy! your cat is lovely too. happy easter and good luck with the song singing.

Cookie-Fee said...

oh my, that sounds like such a lovely day :) i will definitely read that book, the story sounds just so magical...
and i´m really excited for the snowbird songs :) !!!

kisses and cuddles :)

sushipie said...

yes. yes. you should def write up a pattern for those legwarmers. they're fabulous!

faerie finder said...

eee thanks yall i think i will put it up sometime then :)
its still sooooo cold here. im wearing a scarf
and sweater over my pjs :)
on easter! GUH!

Shell said...

Your outfit looks so sweet. I'm going to download the story, it sounds enchanting.

Yarrow said...

I totally adore your dress style and so does my daughter. She's very into cute but practical!

I can't wait for the Snowbird album, it will be winging it's way to me as soon as it's finished :) My Lily for the Spectre has arrived and I love it to bits. Don't know why some tracks make me cry though, they're not sad at all. I'm odd like that!

Have a lovely Easter, it's cold here too!

joanne May said...

Lovely leg warmers, Miss D.:)
I wish I could knit well. I would love to make a pair!
I like your fashion style and I like the idea of a wolf tail on my bag, though I think would like a fox tail instead but not a real one!;)
You have inspired me again. I might have to do another illustration of you, with dark hair as a forest fairy, maybe with a snowbird.
It will be great to hear your new songs. Keep singing into Spring, sweetie!
See you soon. x♥x

P.S. I could be getting a Bengal spotty snow kitten, in August. The kitten will be born around the 2nd of May. Yay!!!

Jess. said...

Sounds like a beautiful story, I think I will have to read that one for myself! I love your outfit, dear. It seems the perfect mixture of prints! And I love your kitten poking about in the background! so cute.


Firefly said...

Oh yes please, a pattern for the lovely cushy looking legwarmers would be grand. I made your cloudy day legwarmers, and they're one of my very favorite knit projects ever.
Lovely sounding story too.

Floz said...

I just wanted to say... I think your blog is beautiful! I've started visiting it quite often just to look at all the pretty pictures (and sometimes read the pretty writing!), it's so lovely and makes me feel all nostalgic.

Also, I think you're pretty much the only person to pull off mori girl style well! I don't normally like it but it actually suits you beautifully!

One more thing.. Please keep making cute stuff! Your fairy skirts are breathtaking <3 xx

Anonymous said...

Did you ever read the end of the girls of the forest? It turns heavily moralistic at the end, as I recall from reading it many years ago.

Amy Lestrange said...

I love this so much ! I know this might be an odd thing to say but your shoes sort of make it look like you have little cloven hooves. It works amazingly though and you look fantastic <3