Saturday, 8 August 2009

im sorry i broke it.. i was pixesse

this is a little ballerina dress in the V&A museum in london.
ive had it on my phone for some time.. but it danced out.
got a problem? just dance it out.

i save the captcha words that i think are clever.
i have a whole list.. when you leave a comment
on someones blog and get a free magical word,
its too hard to resist! they are so much fun and
i cant stop making up meanings for them.
heres one,

pixesse~ (a) when pixies drink
to excess they get tipsy or pixesse...
thats how flower pots get tipped over.


Sara said...

so cute!! Pixesse! and the dress looks so pixeptionally sweet! x

PinkBow said...

so beautiful, i must visit the v&a the next time i'm in london. (thanks for the balloons!!)

willawisp said...

This is the most stunning dress. Also, I love that word. It explains a lot about our garden...

Anonymous said...

oh, what a beautiful dress. i'm not a ballerina, but i'd love to wear it all the same and pretend.

chelsea jade said...

plum wine is a prime culprit for pixesse!

that is extremely perfect a habit if i ever knew one.

you should read the phantom tollbooth if you haven't already. i think it will tickle you!

chelsea jade.

Marmelindela said...

Such a pretty dress. I can see why you like it its a bit like in a fairytale as well are your skirts I think.

Haha, pixesse, that's great.

malin said...

Thank you for dropping by - you see, you really are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

hehe, that is such a lovely lovely idea! ♥

sara said...

oh how i want that ballerina dress! by the way i gave you an award on my blog!

a mouse said...

thanks pixies.. hope you are not pixesse
or if you are.. hope you dont wake up
with flowerpots on your heads :)

Lara said...

this post just made me SMILE!! love that ballerina & glad to see it danced its way onto your pages ♥

Natanya said...

hehehe .... lufffffffffff

loucieee said...

lovelovelove :)