Saturday, 30 May 2009

swans... flying... floating... dreaming...

i have dreams that i can walk on the tips of my toes..

i am almost flying.. i just lift off of the ground
just like there is no gravity...
i move my arms like im floating in water..
and float around the room.. weightless...
i touch one toe to the ground every so often..
bouncing off and twirling.. and setting back down.
like you would in a salt pool... but in the air.
ive had these dreams since i was a little girl.

in my most recent dream:
i was floating around the room
backstage at an old theatre..
when i happened upon 4 girls
wearing these very dresses...
(but made life sized)

(i had been looking at them the night before on
holly doodles blog and they crept into my dream)

the dresses were new again.. and the
girls had tiaras and glittery eyes.
they blinked rapidly were eager to learn
how to float through the air like me...
i tried to teach them.. but they started
getting angry and started being mean..
then i couldnt do it anymore.
i was stuck to the ground.

last weekend i found a silver swan charm
at an antique market.. its very old and heavy..
and it hasnt left my neck since then...
one time not too long ago i was in my garden
and a swan flew right over my head..
i would have given anything to have had a camera a that moment..
it was so magical and eerie. i didnt even know swans flew
until i moved to england... silly of me i guess...


Aline la Bergère said...

I have a thing for swans. I love ballet and loved the Flowers in the attic books and the swan bed...anywho- When I write my daughter Chloe's name, I always make a swan with the capital 'C'. That's me! So...all this to say, I love your charm, lucky you! A.xx

a faerie finder said...

thanks :) it was a lucky find..
i hyper-ventilated just a little bit
till the man with the key came!

That Hooligan Girl said...

Aw what a pretty charm. It looks wonderful on you. :)

Hey thx for your comment. I'm feeling a bit better, recently. <3

Anonymous said...

Looooooooooove the mini-swan !!!