Thursday, 14 May 2009

pas de deux

here i am at my first ballerina class!
tar har har har just kidding.
it was loads fun though
and we are definitely
going back every

im not calling it ballet class,
im calling it ballerina class
because im not studying to be a ballet
im studying to be a ballerina!

and also its much more fun to say
"see ya later! im going to ballerina now!"
as i walk out the door.
no one else seems to think this is funny
bit i think its dead funny so im running
it into the ground like everything else.

snowbird show in brighton tonight...
lacy knee-highs and gold shoes ready set go!


Natanya said...

Yey! We is Rinas!!!!

a faerie finder said...

do they?

That Hooligan Girl said...

I use to take ballerina classes, it was alot of fun. *twirls* :)

That Hooligan Girl said...

Oh they don't eat much but drink alot alot of coffee!

a faerie finder said...