Thursday, 9 April 2009

we carry white mice

ok.. this is a little project i worked on tonight
ive never made a video before...
but i couldnt help it..
i just got a tiny video camera
and the pink trees were begging.

the song is called
*we carry white mice*
its a very VERY rough demo of half of
a new snowbird song we just wrote.
(simon wrote the piano and
i wrote the singin part)


anji jane said...

beautiful. x

a faerie finder said...

thanks :)

Aline la Bergère said...

Thank you! I truly enjoyed that. Where do you get those lovely stockings, hum? I want some! I am thinking your music would be perfect for playing in my new shop. Do you sell your music in Canada? I have yet to ask at HMV if they stock it. I don't get out much. tsk.
P.s. another thank you for sharing the green grass and blossoms! A.xx

a faerie finder said...

thanks :) i got them at h & m...
they used to sell my record at HMV in the UK..
not sure if they do anymore..
but you can get it online :)

snowbird doesnt have a record yet...
we will be working on that soon! :)
that will probably be mostly online too!

Natanya said...

oh my goodness ... I love it *