Thursday, 23 April 2009

my favorite thought when someone asks me why im not on facebook.... and why i dont tweet

"many honorable members of the community have pressed me to join one of the many ... lists available in order to fulfill my duties; however, I must decline. I find these lists to be toxic to my serenity and am therefore disinterested."
~anaar 2003

i love it that someone actually had
enough guts to say this out loud.
i dont.


a faerie finder said...

but i do i do i do love blogging :)

Aline la Bergère said...

What an adorable picture (as usual here...)!
If I came across that pair I would make like a kitten and stretch out beside them. Prrr.
Blogging and reading blogs are my pure and simple JOY. I agree with you about the statement. A.XX

a faerie finder said...

aw thanks! they are my heart!