Monday, 27 April 2009

little roo

little roo has been acting funny.
she wasnt sleeping in her bed anymore.
and she was walking around listless and sad.
i couldnt figure out what it was.
i moved her bed.
still nothing.
i washed it.
still nothing.
so i held her on my lap
and asked her heart
what was wrong?

i went to check her teeth.
she had pink gums before
and im supposed to be
brushing them every day
but i havent because we were
on tour and gone for a month.
what i found shocked and terrified me.

she had a black spring about the size of a
pencil top eraser STUCK IN HER TOOTH!
she must have been playing with it
and it got stuck in her mouth.. :(
it had been there for a long time!
her gums were starting to grow around it!!!!!!!!
it was all mucked up and terrible!!!!!!
i took a deep breath.. because i was shaking
and called the vet.. and got in my car
(which i hate to drive because im not used to
driving on the wrong side of the road yet)
and sped to the dr. as fast as i could.

he took it out and she didnt fuss one bit.
i felt horrible for not noticing it before!!!
the minute it was out
her eyes brightened up
and she felt loads better.
poor poor roo!

he gave us a plug-in for the house
that emits pheromones into the air
that are supposed to simulate a mother cat.
they calm stress and elevate cat happiness.
i plugged it in when we got home and ill
be damned if all of us didnt just start to
purrrrr and roll over to take naps!
i know its not supposed to work on humans
but i must have some cat blood in me
cause ive never felt better in my whole life.

my fairy bag came and
it lives up to the dream!


Aline la Bergère said...

big sigh of relief. what a thing to happen to poor Roo!
As a Mum I know exactly the pain that grips your heart when your babe is sick or harmed.
Take care all of you!!

KnitXcorE said...

awwwww!!!!! poor baby. well at least you caught it. i need one of those plug ins i think.

a faerie finder said...

thanks! :) she is doing much better..
but still wont go in her basket?

samantha said...

you are such a lovely cat mother. little roo is very lucky to have you. he's probably just very excited to not be in pain anymore. <3