Monday, 20 April 2009

a house for a mouse

this was my dads blue dresser when he was a little boy.
it is very old, handmade and very heavy..
it waits in america for me because it doesnt like to fly.

one day when my dad was about 8
he was sitting on his bed looking at it.
he had left the bottom drawer open...
suddenly a little mouse popped up over
the drawer edge and looked up at him,
sniffed, and then disappeared.

when i was little i used to sit and stare at it
waiting for that mouse to pop out and say hello.
he never ever came though.


Aline la Bergère said...

We have tiny gray mice that have white bellies in the fields. I live in the country... In the fall, one will get in somehow and I see a little tail or a nose peeking out somewhere... It breaks my heart to trap them but the business they make in the drawers is gross. We try very hard to keep them safely outdoors. My coconut cookies draw them in Im afraid...oops!
Is that portrait on the wall of your Papa? Beautiful dresser too. A.xx

a faerie finder said...

that is my dearest painting
i dont know who it is...
it is dated from the 70's
and i found it in salem
massachusetts for 3 dollars.
i loooooooooove it.

Anonymous said...

I get mice from one of my kitty... But imagine how they look... :(
Oh well, it's only nature.